Getlost Couriers

When other couriers tell you to
get lost, come to us.


Remote Courier 

Our team can deliver your package to the middle of Port Philip Bay, the middle of the Big Desert, or the middle of the Victorian High Country at the end of a steep muddy 4x4 track.

We can deliver your package even if getting it there requires: 

  • 4WD only tracks  
  • Hiking in to a remote campsite
  • Cross country skiing 
  • White water kayaking to grade 4
  • Sailing or motoring across the bay, across a lake, or up a river
  • Just about anything else... contact us for a quote.


Special Courier

Do you need a package picked up at 2am and delivered at 4am?

Do you need unmarked and/or secure transport?

Do you need disguised, unobtrusive or invisible pickup and/or delivery?

We can do all that and more. Contact us to discuss your needs. 


Direct-Drive Secure Transport

For special items which require direct-to-recipient secure transport, an unmarked car driven
by our background checked Security Licenced driver will pick up your item and take it straight
to its destination. There is no waiting, no warehousing, no transfers - the driver who picks it up
is the driver who delivers it. You can watch your package in transit in real-time using our
GPS Tracking service so you know exactly where your package is at all times.  


Document Service

We will pick up your important document, courier it to the intended signatory,

have them sign as appropriate, then courier it back to you. This is the quickest

way to get a document signed and returned to you, no matter where the signatory

happens to be.



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